Santessa creates sound that is ravishing, alluring and instantly classic. Her debut album Delirium, released through Sony Music, co-written with and produced by Stuart Matthewman (Sade/Maxwell), was critically acclaimed across the board. Her songs became a recurring feature on Hedkandi compilations and Pete Tong's Essential Selection. Delirium has gone on to become an underground classic.
Born on the Isle of Man, Santessa is a truly unique synthesis of a Jamaican and English mother and a Manx father. Experiencing a nomadic adolescence, she absorbed the cultures of the Isle of Man, Manchester, Mallorca, Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and New York. Fueling her passion for Music and resulting in a wide range of influences including Marvin Gaye, Bjork, Portishead, Bob Marley, David Bowie and Billie Holiday.
Often exploring the blending of musical genres, as Santessa puts it 'Music is a journey for me, I follow it wherever it leads'. 


             "An exquisite, confident, deeply sensual record."


"The sexiest sound so far this year, oozing eroticism from every pore."

                                 The Independent

             "A flawless fusion of R&B, soul, dub and trip hop."



                             "This album is superb!"




    "A luxurious laid back debut of funk grooves and odes to love."

                                 Touch Magazine